Client Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Fenergo Client Managed Services improves customer experience, productivity, scalability, and cost efficiencies.


Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management solutions are now available via Cloud Managed Service offerings, provides all the advantages of cost savings, scalability, high availability, security and disaster recovery of cloud.

This cloud-service model closely resembles that of an on-premise environment, making it easy to migrate to or from a cloud environment or even between cloud service providers.

Fenergo Cloud Managed Service for Client Lifecycle Management enables financial institutions to reduce costs by accelerating implementation times, freeing up resources to empower your organization to provide more value-added services to your customers. This frees financial institutions to focus more time on core business, rather than on technical implementations.



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  • Cost Savings

    No longer do financial institutions want the responsibility of ensuring uptime. Fenergo Cloud Managed Services helps to reduce IT infrastructure total cost of ownership.

  • Availability & Scalability

    Our Managed Cloud Services are customizable and scalable enough to fulfill the expanding requirements of your business, ensuring you can scale up or down as necessary.

  • Faster Time to Market

    Fenergo Cloud Managed Services provides elasticity and scalability, so financial institutions can ramp up their initiatives quickly.

  • Support for Disaster Recovery

    In the event of a catastrophe, your data will be secure. Fenergo Cloud Managed Services provides a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing manageability.



Banking on the Cloud for Client Lifecycle Management

Explore the world of cloud-centric banking and the benefits it can deliver to commercial, business, investment, corporate, private and retail banking and the key considerations when migrating from on-premise to cloud.

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Client Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Delivering all of the functionality of its on-premise Client Lifecycle Management counterpart, Fenergo Cloud enables banks to automate and streamline the entire client lifecycle management process.

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