Client Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Streamline the entire client lifecycle management process – from initial client onboarding, to KYC and regulatory compliance and ongoing client and account maintenance –  all in a secure cloud-based environment.


Every financial firm in the world is facing the same ‘perfect storm’ of increasing regulatory obligations and a growing demand on client data and documentation required to evidence the compliance process.

Fenergo Cloud provides a smart and secure end-to-end solution that enables banks to streamline regulatory compliance, client and counterparty data management and onboarding processes for effective lifecycle management of all clients.

The solution harnesses all of the rich regulatory rules, robust KYC and AML compliance processes, sophisticated data and documentation management and advanced workflow capabilities from its on-premise sister solution, Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management.



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  • Drive Digital Transformation

    Gain agility and maximize operational efficiency by centralizing onboarding and client lifecycle management across multiple jurisdictions and lines of business.

  • Improve Time to Revenue

    Expedite client onboarding and ensure best-practice compliance with our rich regulatory rules engine and sophisticated workflow capabilities.

  • Enhance Client Experience

    Provide a more consistent, digital experience across all customer-facing channels powered by a seamless, 360-degree view of each client.

  • Solve Regulatory Obligations

    Ensure compliance with a wide range of global and regional AML, KYC and Tax regulations across the entire length of the client lifecycle.



Banking on the Cloud for Client Lifecycle Management

Explore the world of cloud-centric banking and the benefits it can deliver to commercial, business, investment, corporate, private and retail banking and the key considerations when migrating from on-premise to cloud.

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Client Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Delivering all of the functionality of its on-premise Client Lifecycle Management counterpart, Fenergo Cloud enables banks to automate and streamline the entire client lifecycle management process.

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