Client Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Fenergo Client Managed Services improves customer experience, productivity, scalability, and cost efficiencies.

Take advantage of Fen-Cloud, the Fenergo Cloud Managed Service, to improve Customer Experience, Productivity, Upgradability and Configurability for your Client Lifecycle Management Systems.

Historically, financial services have been slow to adopt cloud technology owing to a perceived lack of data security and control. Building and maintaining in-house systems was considered the safest way of protecting business-critical sensitive data and applications. 

However, key drivers today are moving financial institutions towards cloud adoption, and, as the financial services industry has addressed many of these cloud concerns, banks are now beginning to enjoy the advantages of cloud-based services.  Research by Fenergo found that 56% of global financial institutions are prioritizing cloud in the next 12 months and 57% have started implementation.

To address this shift, Fenergo has launched Fen-Cloud, a cloud managed service offering that hosts Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solutions in the cloud. This offering allows financial institutions to quickly get their CLM solutions up and running, while still maintaining the flexibility of customer-specific configuration, interfaces, and processes.

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  • Cost Savings

    Fen-Cloud helps to reduce the IT Infrastructure total cost of ownership of ensuring uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, or replacing old equipment.

  • Availability & Scalability

    Fen-Cloud managed cloud service is customizable and can scale to fulfill the expanding requirements of your client lifecycle management solutions.

  • Accelerating Implementation Times

    Fen-Cloud provides elasticity and scalability, so you can ramp up new initiatives quickly.

  • Support for Disaster Recovery

    In the event of a catastrophe, your data will be secure and your business can resume with minimum interruption. Fen-Cloud provides a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing manageability.



Banking on the Cloud for Client Lifecycle Management

Explore the world of cloud-centric banking and the benefits it can deliver to commercial, business, investment, corporate, private and retail banking and the key considerations when migrating from on-premise to cloud.

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Client Lifecycle Management in the Cloud

Delivering all of the functionality of its on-premise Client Lifecycle Management counterpart, Fenergo Cloud enables banks to automate and streamline the entire client lifecycle management process.

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