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Client Lifecycle Management Brochure

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Client Lifecycle Management Brochure

Financial institutions are operating in a perfect storm of increasingly stringent global regulatory obligations, which are demanding the collection, processing and evidencing of more client and counterparty data than ever before. Not only does this place a huge strain on data management, regulatory and onboarding teams, it also succeeds in lengthening the time it takes to achieve compliance and onboard clients, leading to impacted client experience and time to revenue. 

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management enables financial institutions to not only weather but positively thrive in this perfect storm. Fenergo’s lifecycle approach to client management means that our solution goes beyond initial onboarding and takes a lifetime view of the client, enabling the financial institution to perform data refreshes, ongoing due diligence and use the centralized data to support new regulatory obligations, as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

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