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Client Lifecycle and Counterparty Technology

Client & Counterparty Technology

A rules-driven suite of solutions designed to improve operational efficiencies in the management of regulatory data & documentation to support compliant onboarding and client lifecycle management.

manage all client data 
throughout the client lifecycle

To onboard a new client, it is estimated that between 5 and 100 documents must be collected to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. However, without a centralized and automated data management and regulatory outreach approach, financial institutions must contact customers (often repeatedly) to submit data and documentation that may have previously been submitted, culminating in an overall negative customer experience.

Here’s how we can help

Fenergo’s Client & Counterparty Data & Document Management solutions are designed to improve efficiency of the regulatory evidentiary process for compliance without impacting client experience by automating data consumption and promoting re-use of existing client data and documentation across multiple business units and jurisdictions. Click on the buttons on the right for more information on how Fenergo can help you manage client and counterparty data processes more efficiently. 

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