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Client Counterparty Data Management Solutions

Client & Counterparty Data Management

Fenergo Client & Counterparty Data Management is a centralized master data system that helps banks to acquire, validate, store and distribute legal entity/client data across product/business lines and jurisdictions.

Regulatory & OTC Derivative Reform

A single client view of all legal entity data forms the backbone of rigorous regulatory compliance. Fenergo Client & Counterparty Data arms financial institutions with clean, centralized and correct legal entity data, positioning them for enhanced and efficient regulatory compliance across a range of KYC, AML, tax and OTC derivative regulatory frameworks and trade reporting requirements.

Legal Entity Hierarchies & Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Fenergo’s Client & Counterparty Data Management solution enables financial institutions to assess and understand the overall corporate structure, including a true representation of client relationships, complex hierarchies, ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO), as well as management of data, rules and connectivity across investment managers, funds and account relationships. The identification of beneficial owners and, in particular, the ultimate beneficial owner, forms an integral part of AML (4th EU Money Laundering Directive), KYC and tax compliance (CRS, FATCA) regulations.  

Operational Efficiency

Fenergo’s Client & Counterparty Data Management solution promotes re-use of client and counterparty data and documents across the institution, enabling financial institutions to realize greater operational efficiencies that accelerate regulatory compliance and expedites onboarding processes. (Check out our paper on Managing the Delta of Regulatory Data.)  

Data Integration

Fenergo Client & Counterparty Data Management integrates seamlessly with Fenergo Data Integration Manager to consume, process and route data from multiple data providers (such as DTCC’s Avox, Omgeo, Markit ISDA Amend and KYC utilities such as and Clarient Global) and systems and deliver this higher quality data to the right internal systems to support regulatory client lifecycle management and reporting. 

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