Client Lifecycle Management for Capital Markets

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Client Profile

Our client is the Capital Markets division of a global North-American headquartered tier two financial institution, which provides investment management services to institutional investors, with asset classes spanning foreign exchange, equities, fixed income and derivatives.

Client Requirement

In 2012, our Capital Markets client came to market looking for a way to streamline front and middle office processes around the client onboarding journey. The previous few years were marked by significant regulatory upheaval with the introduction of new regulations designed to right-size the global financial crisis and bring much needed transparency back into financial services.

Fenergo’s Solution

To address this, our Capital Markets client underwent a complete business transformation program that involved centralizing data and documentation, digitalizing processes and implementing a regulatory rules engine to automate and ensure consistency of compliance throughout the client lifecycle.

To read more about the success of this CLM implementation, please download the case study.

Our Capital Markets client has achieved a number of key performance indicators across their client onboarding, compliance and data management processes. We continue to work with our client to improve these benefits and ensure continued success.
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Download Client Lifecycle Management for Capital Markets