Self-Service Client Portal

With far more regulations to comply with than ever before, and even more making their way down the regulatory track, banks across the world are constantly treading a fine line between achieving compliance for new client onboarding, performing look-back reviews and refreshes, and ensuring compliance with impending regulations for existing clients. 

Fenergo Self-Service Portal is a secure, cloud-based, multi-lingual portal designed to automate, streamline and expedite the Regulatory Client Outreach process, significantly reducing the effort and time lag involved in collecting data and documentation from clients.

Its user-friendly interface guides clients to submit data and documentation easily through a step-by-step form filling process, which ensures that every required field is successfully completed before the form can be submitted to the financial institution. 

To find out more about Fenergo Client Portal, download our brochure. 

A secure, cloud-based portal designed to digitalize, streamline and expedite Regulatory Client Outreach and Compliance.

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