Fenergo e-KYC Connect Brochure

Although financial institutions must perform a Know your Customer (KYC) process every time they onboard a new customer, the standard KYC process is extremely expensive, lengthy and manual, negatively impacting customer experience.

To grow market and wallet share, financial institutions need automate the KYC process in order to provide a more efficient, faster, seamless and less-time consuming onboarding process.

Fenergo e-KYC Connect allows financial institution members of a KYC utility solution access to shared, verified, up-to-date customer information, enabling them to deliver faster, compliant client onboarding journeys and lifecycle events for their customers.

In this brochure you will learn:

  • How e-KYC Connect makes traditional KYC process faster and easier
  • The 5 simple steps of how e-KYC Connect works
  • Benefits that e-KYC Connect can deliver for financial institutions and customers
Achieve faster onboarding journeys via shared, verified, up-to-date customer KYC information.

Download Fenergo e-KYC Connect Brochure