Fenergo Digital Client Orchestration

Fenergo’s Digital Client Orchestration enables you to deliver the customer experiences your customers want. It is the steel thread that directs your customer journey through all internal approval processes ensuring fast, safe and compliant onboarding.

Features & Capabilities:

  • True omni-channel client journeys (from any channel of the customer’s choice – mobile, online, customer call centre, branch, relationship manger)
  • API-first integration with host of front-end solutions and client-facing to ensure a smooth orchestration process for all data and documents from each system
  • Digital data capture through any digital channel
  • Integration with a host of ID&V and eSignature technology providers
  • Centralized data management for maximum re-use of client data and documentation
  • Data integration with a host of AML/KYC data providers
  • Regulatory Rules Engine (70+ jurisdictions covered, including data privacy laws)
  • Sophisticated case management.
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Enable OmniChannel Client Onboarding with Fenergo Digital Client Orchestration

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