What is the True Cost of Poor Customer Experience? CLM Report

After the publishing of a recent report "The Cost of Poor CX", Fenergo experts discuss how to extend client lifetime value by providing a seamless customer experience through digitalization, automation and legacy tech integration.
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Experts discuss how to improve customer lifetime value after findings from a recent Fenergo report revealed that poor customer experience can cost financial institutions up to $10bn per annum. Whilst discussing the key issues surrounding digitalization, automation and the complexities within effective Client Lifecycle Management, speakers outline key framework for best practices, what good customer experience looks like within the financial industry and how to effectively establish a technology ecosystem that future-proofs financial institutions whilst integrating with legacy technology.


  • Conor Coughlan – Chief Marketing Officer, Fenergo
  • Greg Watson – Global Head of Sales, Fenergo
  • Niall Twomey – Co-Founder & CTO, Fenergo 

To learn more about Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solutions check out our solutions page.