Podcast: Client Lifecycle Management & the Inevitable Move to the Cloud

In this podcast, we will hear from the industries top experts as they share their professional insights on Cloud Technology
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Cloud technology Historically, financial services firms have been slow to adopt Cloud technology owing to a perceived lack of data security and control. Building and maintaining in-house systems was considered the safest way of protecting business-critical sensitive data and applications. The move to the cloud has now become inevitable, and we’re seeing more and more financial institutions committing key banking services and applications to the Cloud to take advantage of the many benefits it offers. In this podcast we will explore:
  • Trends and drivers behind the use of Cloud Technology in Financial institutions.
  • Benefits of adopting Cloud Technology.
  • Exploring the potential of a typical Cloud Infrastructure implementation 
  • Challenges of implementing a Cloud infrastructure.
  • Recommendations from the field – from our real-world experience.
  • Taking the first steps to Cloud – If you want to adopt Cloud Technology approach in your financial services organization, where would you start, and what steps should you take?
…and much much more!

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