KYC, AML & Transparency for Cryptocurrencies & Initial Currency Offerings (ICOs)

1.20KYC20AMLCover   This podcast is based on the latest market research into the challenges facing institutions, issuers, exchanges, & investors in determining viability & suitability, for investing in crypto-currencies, ICOs and derived offerings. How can we solve the KYC, AML & transparency challenges? So that this new asset class can mature, open up to institutional investors and play a more value adding role for society & the global economy. Fenergo will share their market research findings, discuss and debate the topics with crypto professionals & RegTech professionals. Watch our recent webinar to learn more about:
  • the latest market research
  • the current eco-system challenges and issues
  • practical requirements that are needed to solve the problem
  • the next steps the industry and related parties need to take
Speakers: Conor Coughlan – Chief Marketing Officer, Fenergo Xavier Gomez – Founder & COO, Invyo Andrew Delaney – President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group Davod DeLeon – Senior Manager, Finance & Risk, Accenture   To learn more about Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solutions check out our solutions page here.