APAC OTC Derivatives

Fenergo’s Regulatory Compliance Management solution supports data and compliance obligations for OTC Derivative Reform across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

APAC OTC Derivatives for Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore

Fenergo’s Regulatory Compliance Management solution (which comprise one of the three product pillars of Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management platform) supports OTC Derivative Reform for Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Broadly speaking, the regulations aim to increase transparency for both the public and regulators, thereby increasing capacity for oversight and monitoring of systemic risk and detection/prevention of OTC Derivative market abuses. Ultimately, they have all been designed to implement a trade reporting regime that is consistent with other international regimes currently in effect in the UK and US, for example.

Fenergo’s support of APAC OTC Derivative Regulations leverage the features and functionality within its solutions for Dodd-Frank (US), EMIR (Europe) and Canadian derivative regulations, bringing together all the legal entity information and documents in a single place and capturing all the data requirements for the purposes of the individual regulations.

Fenergo’s Regulatory Compliance Management solution supports APAC OTC Derivative regulations by conducting a rules-based evaluation of all legal entities to determine if they fall within scope of the APAC derivative requirements (Fenergo’s Regulatory Rules Engine requires only a few key data inputs to make this determination). As part of this process, the solution records the data and documentation requirements particular to APAC derivatives for auditing purposes.

The solution performs and illustrates the classification of the legal entity with respect to the individual regulatory requirements. To speed up time to compliance and onboarding, Fenergo’s Regulatory Compliance Management solution identifies all the client data and documentation that currently exists within the central repository (or other connected data repositories) that can be re-used to support compliance with APAC OTC Derivative regulations. The solution also provides a sophisticated data capture mechanism to facilitate trade reporting.