Global AML/KYC & Sanction Fines

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Fenergo publishes 10-year analysis of global regulatory fines for AML, KYC and sanctions-related fines on financial institutions, charting the regulatory trends from the start of the 2008 financial crisis.

The findings are eyebrow-raising indeed. Over the past ten years, regulators across the US, Europe, APAC and the Middle East have levied nearly $26 billion dollars in financial penalties against financial institutions for AML/KYC and sanctions-related violations.

Check out our interactive infographic which will share a global and regional perspective of regulatory enforcements from 2008 to 2018. Simple and easy to use, you can select any region on the infographic for more detail on financial penalties imposed on banks in that region.




Top 4 Highlights

  • 1. Most Active Regulator

    The US Department of Justice is the most active regulator in the world when it comes to imposing financial penalties for non-compliance, levying half of the global AML/sanctions fines amount, nearly $14 billion.

  • 2. US Domestic vs Foreign Banks

    US regulators have hit foreign banks hard, imposing fines on European banks totalling more than five times that imposed against US banks.

  • 3. Highest Fines Year

    Globally, 2015 was the most punitive year for fines, with $11.52 billion levied against banks.

  • 4. Highest Bank Fine Ever

    $8.9 billion was the highest single fine ever levied against a bank by one regulator.

Regional FinesBy USD$


North America






Middle East



[Whitepaper] A Fine Mess We're In - AML/KYC/Sanctions Fines

In the full global report, we will examine the evolution of financial crime enforcement worldwide, drawing on analyses of ten years of AML and KYC fines data. We also take a deep-dive into the data on a regional basis and examine key trends developing across the US, Europe, APAC and the Middle East.

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Press Release

Global Financial Institutions Fined $26 Billion for AML, Sanctions & KYC Non-Compliance Since 2008 Financial Crisis

On the 10-year anniversary of Lehman’s Collapse, Fenergo unveils data of fines imposed on financial institutions over the last decade.

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