The Client Onboarding Experience Challenge

Financial institutions are focused on delivering a best-in-class client experience. Yet in many organizations, there is a sizeable disconnect across every client touchpoint during the onboarding and subsequent client lifecycle processes, resulting in poor client and employee experience.

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce transforms the client onboarding and client lifecycle management process

Everything Digital​

It digitalizes the entire lifecycle process, becoming the steel thread that digitally connects every client journey in the Client Lifecycle process – from prospecting to client onboarding to ongoing KYC reviews.

Everything Connected​

It also digitally connects every internal stakeholder (relationship managers, client onboarding, KYC specialists) involved in the client onboarding process, enhancing visibility of the client process and tighter coordination between each party. 

Improved Client Experience

This joined-up approach empowers financial institutions to create significant internal operational efficiencies that help deliver superior client experiences, whilst ensuring compliance throughout the lifecycle.

Features & Functionality

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce Delivers

  1. Fully Digital, End-to-End Onboarding Orchestration
  2. KYC & Out-of-the-Box Regulatory Rules
  3. Entity Data & Document Management
  4. Digital Client Outreach
  5. Risk Assessment
  6. Real-Time Visibility over Every Client Journey


Solve Regulatory Compliance

  • Faster, Omni-Channel Onboarding
  • KYC, AML & Regulatory Compliance
  • Frictionless Client Journeys & Enhanced Experience
  • Faster Time to Revenue
  • Configuration & API-First SaaS Solution
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
The ultimate goal of the Fenergo-Salesforce integration is to remove friction for the relationship manager and deliver a seamless customer experience.
Rohit Mahna

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