Client Onboarding

Fenergo’s Client Onboarding solution is a sophisticated workflow management module that enables financial institutions to provide a quick and efficient onboarding process for new and existing clients. 

Providing an enhanced level of visibility through integrated dashboards and reporting functionality, Fenergo’s Client Onboarding solution streamlines operational processing and interaction across the institution. 

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Available out-of-the-box, Fenergo’s rules-driven workflow engine provides an end-to-end workflow management tool that manages all sub-processes that need to be executed to bring a client from initial take-on through to all the various stages of approvals and requests for information that they need to go through to be onboarded (across Front Office, Compliance, Credit, Legal, Tech & Ops). This greatly speeds up the time it takes to onboard a new client (or new product for an existing client), enhancing overall client experience and improving time to revenue. 

Fenergo’s Client Onboarding solution forms one of the three main product pillars that comprise its award-winning Client Lifecycle Management platform. It can also be implemented as a standalone solution and fully integrates with systems prevalent within the capital markets and investment banking eco-system. Fully customizable, Fenergo Client Onboarding provides financial institutions with the ability to configure to suit their organizational style, whilst empowering them to adapt to an ever-changing market without heavy IT involvement.

The solution seamless manages the following processes:

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Check out the video below of James Monaghan, Global Pre-Sales, as he explains what Regulatory Onboarding means for Investment Banks & Capital Market firms.

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