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Fenergo provides award-winning Client Lifecycle Management solutions that enable investment banks and capital market firms to take a lifecycle approach to client onboarding and a horizontal approach to regulatory compliance – all on a single platform.

Institutional client onboarding is a complex process, oftentimes problematic and lengthy, involving approvals from many different functions across the bank. Each newly onboarded client or account must comply with all global and local regulatory obligations. These increasingly stringent regulatory demands require vast amounts of data and documentation to support compliance initiatives. The more complex a client, the longer it takes to complete KYC and other regulatory compliance processes, therefore, the longer it takes to onboard a legal entity client, leading to significant time-to-revenue and operational efficiency challenges for financial institutions.

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Fenergo’s award-winning Client Lifecycle Management solution provides a single integrated platform that supports the data, documentation, rules and workflow processes required for regulatory client onboarding - including compliance with Know Your Customer / Customer Due Diligence, Anti-Money Laundering, FATCA, OTC Derivatives across US (Dodd-Frank), Europe (MiFID II and EMIR), Canada (Canadian Derivatives) and APAC (ASIC, HKMA and MAS Derivative Reform) - account opening workflow, data remediation and client off-boarding.

The Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management platform is a sophisticated, risk-based, rules-driven platform built on three core product pillars:

  • Client & Counterparty Data Managementenhances risk management by tracking, merging and grouping all legal entity identifiers to create a more accurate, holistic single view of the client/counterparty and all associated entities and individuals.
  • Regulatory Compliance Managementensures continued compliance throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer and across global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and other regulatory initiatives such as FATCA, OTC Derivatives (Dodd-Frank, MiFID, EMIR, Canadian Derivatives, APAC Derivatives (ASIC, HKMA and MAS)) etc.
  • Client Onboarding Lifecycle Management:  enables financial institutions to provide a quick and efficient onboarding process for new and existing clients.

All of these solutions are available out-of-the-box and are fully customizable, providing financial institutions with the ability to configure to suit their organizational style, whilst empowering them to adapt to changing regulations without the need for heavy IT involvement.

Its sophisticated core integration capability enables institutions to create intelligent links between repositories, ensuring that all existing client and counterparty data and documentation lying in various repositories can be re-used easily to support and expedite the regulatory client onboarding process.